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Gold Star Zoppini Ring

Very beautiful and original Zoppini Gold Star Ring to make your Italian charms collection more original, varied and full. This ring is adorned with 18K gold star and studs that look very shiny and unique. This adorable Zoppini ring is ¼" thick. The ring stretches to fit finger sizes 4 ½ to 7 ½. Amazing and stylish ring is very comfortable to wear and is made from high read more...]]]

History of Charms

As early as the stone age, people began making jewelry from clay, animal bones and shells to use as objects of adornment. Different cultures came of age at different times throughout history, in Africa, there is evidence that as early as 75,000 years ago early stone-age man used shells as adornments. In a cave in southwestern Germany, tiny intricately carved ivory figurines made of mammoth tusks were found dating back 30,000 years. These findings support the claim that early man made and wore charm-like jewelry. read more...]]]

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Great Star of Africa

Great Star of Africa Diamond

The Cullinan Diamond is the largest rough diamond ever found - at 3,106.75 carats.

It was found in South Africa in 1905 and had to be transported from South Africa to England to be presented to King Edward VII.

Transporting such a valuable diamond was a huge security risk. So how did they do it?

Portrait of The Queen holding the Sceptre with the Cross
Image Credit: © Cecil Beaton / Camera Press
In a cunning move, security personnel from London escorted a fake stone aboard a steamer ship as a decoy in order to attract any would-be thieves.

The real Cullinan Diamond was then sent to England by parcel post in a plain box!

Now that is placing faith in the postal delivery system!

When the diamond arrived in England it was cut into 11 large stones and a number of smaller ones by Joseph Asscher.

The largest diamond cut from the Cullinan Diamond was named the Great Star of Africa (as pictured on right).

The Great Star of Africa at 530.2 carats was the largest cut diamond in the world until the discovery of the Golden Jubilee diamond in 1985 that weighed 545.67 carats.

The Great Star of Africa was mounted into The Sceptre with the Cross - also known as St Edward’s Sceptre. The Sceptre is currently located at Jewel House in the Tower of London.

During the coronation of the King or Queen of England, the Sceptre with the Cross is held in the right hand. The Sceptre was originally made in 1661.

Charms Italian Bracelet

What are Italian charm bracelets? - Perhaps you have not discovered the fashion phenomenal that has been sweeping the country in the past five years. Italian charm bracelets are one of newest and biggest fashion trends to hit. Although Italian charm bracelets have been popular in Italy since the 1990’s, they did not become a global craze until early 2000. Today, people from working class to celebrity status are wearing Italian charm bracelets.

How are they made? - Italian charm bracelets consist of a mixture of flat Italian link charms. Because the links are flat, the bracelets do not dangle. On the other hand, these charm bracelets lay snug on your wrist. This is a great feature, especially since Italian charm bracelets are also designed to appeal to males.

The heart of Italian charm bracelets are the Italian link charms. The links are detachable; thus, you can interchange the charms. Customizing your Italian charm bracelet is the most attractive element. Links or charms are available in an array of colors. This allows jewelry wearers to personalize their Italian charm bracelets according to outfit, mood, or occasion.

What are they made of? - Traditionally, Italian charm bracelets and Italian charm links are crafted with 18k gold or stainless steel. You may purchase links or charms with either metal. However, these styles are pricey. If you are looking for cheap Italian charms, you may consider selecting a less expensive metal – perhaps a plated silver Italian charm or a sterling silver charm. Silver Italian charms and sterling silver charms are of lesser quality than stainless steel. Nonetheless, these metals are very durable.

If you are looking for a quality charm at low prices, consider purchasing from a retailer that specializes in discount Italian charms. Discount Italian charms include a wide selection of precious stones and metals at incredibly low prices. On average, discount retailers offer a savings up to 60%.

Cheap Italian charms are available in a variety of styles and designs. You may select charms that bear the image of zodiac signs, sports team, birthstone, countries, flowers, logos, etc. Moreover, unique Italian charms may include medical alerts such as charms that read, “allergic to penicillin,” or “diabetic on insulin.”

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Charms story

The old family home had already been sold. All that remained was to clean out the contents so Mom could relocate to an apartment where she'd fret less and be better cared for.

Now a widow nearly as long as she'd been a wife, Mom was over 90 and she agreed it was time to move to a smaller place. Living on her own was no longer an option.

The family had already packed up the things she would take with her and a house sale would get rid of the rest—none of it of much value.

But there was one little box, not too much bigger than a bar of soap. It seemed to be filled with junk: broken rosaries, single earrings, random bits of costume jewelry, all of it knotted up and jumbled together with a spool of black thread.

Was there anything in the box worth keeping? The family took the box to a friend who knew something about jewelry—just to be sure before they tossed it in the trash. That's when this charm bracelet surfaced.

Mom was an avid Bridge player, hence the playing cards charm. And she liked her Scotch and soda, which explained another charm. But most intriguing was the golden heart, engraved "1944."

It looked like it should open but the hinge wouldn't budget. A jeweler was consulted, who worked on the heart with the skill of a surgeon. He said it probably had been decades since anyone had tried to open it and he labored for at least 10 minutes to reveal these photos.

When the friend returned the bracelet to the family, one son identified the soldier as his dad, Mom's husband who had died in 1978. That other photo is Dad as a boy.

And the significance of 1944? That was the year after they were married, the year the man was was sent to fight in the Battle of the Bulge. Clearly, the locket was a gift from the young soldier as he went off to war.

So was Mom thrilled when the bracelet was returned? Her memory is spotty now. She forgets a lot. She can't remember the bracelet, the golden heart or the story of young love. , ,

Spacers in bracelets

Silver spacer with heart scrolls and pink sapphire

The use of white space in design is an element familiar to every interior designer, desktop publisher, newspaper person and especially visual artists. In your home, it is wall space … in an advertisement, it is the areas with repetitive backgrounds or background color, and on your Pandora charm bracelet, it is your spacers.

Having every area in a piece of art (or artistically placed jewelry!) filled with a something is not ideal. You do need to incorporate some areas of nothingness, as sort of a relief for the eye.

Silver spacer with swirl designs and blue cubic zirconia
Too many gorgeous charms, and not enough of a rest for your vision, is definitely not ideal! The charms sort of overtake each other, cramming together so that eventually nobody really sees any of them. This includes you – the person who is most important to please with your jewelry!

Pandora spacers can be seen in the clips section – these include narrow, minimally designed beads to put space between charms – of course! You can also use clips to create bare spaces, which show off the actual chain your bracelet is made of.
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